What did we learn from the Arizona Cardinals Week two win?

By Kase Brammer
Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson

There are not very many people that expected the Arizona Cardinals to go into Foxborough and come out with a win against the defending AFC champions. I was not one of those people. The Cardinals seemed out matched against the New England Patriots. By the end of the first quarter I was a believer in the Cardinals, I never gave up hope, even after Ryan Williams fumbled the ball giving the Patriots a seemingly easy kick to rob them of a victory.

When the kick went wide right you could just see the Cardinals relieved because they felt they won that game from the very start. But, what did we learn from the victory?

Well, the Cardinals learned that nothing is certain in the NFL and the Patriots got a refresher course. Also, the Cardinals are 2-0 going into the third week of the season and tied for the lead with the San Francisco 49ersIn the first two games of the season not only have the Cardinals shown they are a top team, but the NFC west has shown that they are no longer the worst division in the NFL. Don’t forget, the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks made the playoffs in 2010.

Other than that, the Cardinals defense really flies around the field. They were able to get solid pressure on Tom Brady at times, but when he had time, he just could not find an open receiver or get anything going. Yes, the Cardinals did give up some big plays, but for the most part they held Rob Gronkowski and Wes Welker to a minimal effort. The secondary for the Cardinals are defiantly top ten in the league and as the season goes on that number could go even higher.

Next, Kevin Kolb stepped up huge in this game. His number don’t say it, but his poise led them to victory. I believe it is safe to say without him the Cardinals would be 0-2 and singing a different tune. Kolb’s unpredictable play makes him a bigger threat than John Skelton. Kolb should get the start in week three against the Philadelphia EaglesWith the 20-18 victory over the Patriots, the Cardinals made a statement to the rest of the league. As it stands right now, no other team in the NFL will take the Cardinals lightly. It’s going to be a tough road ahead.

Finally, we learned that offensive line can tread water long enough to get something going on offense. Yes, at times they needed help, but when they really needed it they hunkered down and gave the Patriots defense a run for their money. In the end, as a team the Cardinals learned that they can beat anybody in the league.

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