Where Was Dallas Cowboys' Toughness On Sunday?

By Ben Grimaldi

Anyone remember the the hit Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate laid on Dallas Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee yesterday? What am I saying, of course you do. A better question may be: does Lee remember it?

He does. In fact he had this to say about the hit and celebration by Tate after the game: “I bet if we went head to head and square up he probably wouldn’t be celebrating as much.”

That’s true enough and honestly I could care less if the hit was illegal because it represented what the entire game was all about: toughness. One team had it and one team didn’t. In the NFL, the team that has it usually wins on Sunday. Yesterday was just another example of that.

Question number three about the Cowboys’ toughness: where was it after Lee got laid out? They all claimed to be upset by it, after all. Here’s what DeMarcus Ware had to say: “It really pissed me off if you want to be honest,” Ware said of the hit. “Anybody that sort of retaliates on any of the other players on defense, offense you sort of got to take that mentality back to them. That’s part of this game. It’s a brutal game but we didn’t do that. We got this week and go evaluate things.”

It sounds great to hear he was “pissed off” but yet neither he, nor any of the other Cowboys defenders, did anything about it. In fact, they continued to get dominated up front and allowed a touchdown on that drive to put the game out of reach. Where have the George Teagues of the Cowboys gone?

Something needed to be done, not only to show your teammate you’ve got his back, but to show your team won’t get pushed around. I’m not saying to put a dirty hit on anyone but someone could’ve done something to help their teammate. There was no pushing and shoving on the Cowboys’ part, just a celebration from Tate.

Anyone watch the Philadelphia Eagles push, shove and fight the Baltimore Ravens for the win yesterday? I did, and the Cowboys could learn a lesson about toughness from their rivals in Philly because they fought for one another.

Not to pick on Ware but he gave another quote that shocked me: “I don’t feel like no team pushes us around,” Ware said. “I think when you think about tackling, we didn’t tackle like we should. We didn’t create the big plays and get enough plays on the quarterback like we should.”

I beg to differ. The Seahawks pushed around the Cowboys all day yesterday. To think anything less is to be dishonest.

Dallas needs to fix this issue quick because on Sunday they play another physical team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Their toughness and physical play is led by head coach Greg Schiano, who has put the fight back into the Bucs.

Someone needs to do the same for the Cowboys.

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