Can the Arizona Cardinals score more than 20 points?

By Kase Brammer
Beanie Wells Arizona Cardinals

So far this season the Arizona Cardinals have failed to lose, but while doing so they have not scored more than 20 points. In fact, they have only scored 20 points. In both victories this season the Cardinals scored 20 points and it was enough to beat two very tough teams. It is obvious so far this season that the Cardinals are going to have their offensive struggles.

Both Kevin Kolb and John Skelton would probably be backups on most teams and their running backs might be in the same boat in a league full of elite rushers. In week three will the Cardinals be able to overcome their 20 point games? Or will they just go undefeated for the rest of the season scoring exactly 20 points a game?

The Cardinals could go undefeated, although it is far-fetched and could be said about any team that is currently 2-0, but they will not do it scoring just 20 points a game. In the NFL stuff just happens and the offense can not put so much pressure on Patrick Peterson and the rest of the Cardinals defense.

The Cardinals continue to do a good job of not giving up on their rushing attack, but there are other ways to keep six to eight people in the box without running the ball. The Cardinals need to set better screens and maybe mix it up with a few shovel passes on the inside to suck the safeties back into the box. Once that happens they can stretch the offense and really just keep the defense guessing every play. Even if the defense is good at guessing, sooner or later they are going to guess wrong.

The Cardinal must go into week three, against the Philadelphia Eagles, with the mindset that they need to score more than 30 points. The Eagles will come into University of Phoenix Stadium averaging 20.5 points per game. The Eagles have too many offense threats and Michael Vick will not continue to throw the ball around like he doesn’t want it. It might be a shootout this Sunday, but the Cardinals defense might just be that good.

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