Chicago Bears Offense a Work in Progress

By Dominique Blanton
Jay Cutler Chicago Bears

After the embarrassing showing from the Chicago Bears offense last Thursday, fans should have come to the realization that this offense is a work in progress. For starters, this is Mike Tice‘s first time at offensive coordinator during his coaching career. Yes, he called some plays while he was head coach for the Minnesota Vikings back in 2001, but you can see his inexperience come into play.

Against the Green Bay Packers, Tice had no answer for the Packers secondary playing 2-man vs. Brandon Marshall. The seams wherever Marshall was lined up at should have been open, but Tice failed to exploit it.

In addition, Tice’s approach to come out against an aggressive Packers secondary and be pass dominated was definitely out of character for a guy who claim he wants 1000 yards rushing from both Matt Forte and Michael Bush.

Tice is learning as he goes, but he has a pretty good coaching staff around him to develop into a good OC. He certainly has the talent on offense to help him develop into one of the better OCs in the NFL.

The offense is going have its ups and downs in the early portion of the season, typically because it is a new offensive scheme with a lot weapons. Factor in the fact that the Offensive Line needs time to gel with each other.

By mid-season, you should see the offense gel as Tice gets even more familiar with what he has on offense.

So between the past two games, which is a better indicator of the Bears offense? In my opinion, both games are. As I’ve mentioned, the offense is going to have its rough patches mid-season, but it has the talent to eventually be one of the league’s best.

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