Chicago Bears Quarterback: "Satisfied With My Performance"

By silverfox



Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was on the Waddle & Silvy show on ESPN 1000 this afternoon for his weekly one-hour spot. The trio covered a wide variety of issues including the shoving incident with J’Marcus Webb, the comments made by D.J. Moore and the team’s overall performance against the Green Bay Packers.

Now Cutler said everything he was supposed to say during this conversation: he admitted fault, he stated the team is looking forward to the St. Louis Rams, he said he was satisfied with his performance against the Packers, he said….WAIT! WHAT?!

Satisfied with his performance against the Packers?

Are you kidding me?!?

How can anyone, from high school to the pros, be satisfied with a 4 interception, 7 sack, 126 passing yard, 28.2 quarterback rating performance? This is literally one of the most baffling statements I have ever heard outside of Bill Clinton’s impeachment process.

For Cutler to be satisfied with his performance continues with a trend that I am not shy about pointing out with the Bears: mediocrity as an acceptable outcome for them. In this case, it seems the club also accepts some of the worst quarterbacking performances in recent memory.

Cutler is a captain and needs to lead by example. For him to address the Chicago media and say outright that he’s cool with the events that transpired in Thursday night’s game shouldn’t bode well for team morale. There is probably a rookie sitting in his locker right now thinking to himself, “well if Jay is alright with a bad game, I should be alright with a bad game.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not how you win games. This is not how you become Super Bowl contenders. This is not how you effectively lead a professional football team.

For Cutler to be the leader he needs to be, he has to stand up and accept accountability for his actions. Sure, his line was terrible on Thursday, but I didn’t see Gabe Carimi firing footballs into triple coverage.

At the end of the night, Cutler was the one making the throws. And at the end of the night, Cutler should be shouldering the blame for the loss. Cutler should never be satisfied.

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