Dallas Cowboys' Stubbornness Regarding Felix Jones is Foolish

By Jeric Griffin
Felix Jones Dallas Cowboys NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Dallas Cowboys need to do something about running back Felix Jones and fast. No, they shouldn’t cut him, but there are several things that can be done instead.

For starters, the Cowboys should take Jones off kickoff returns. Word around Valley Ranch is his psyche isn’t 100 percent, so his focus needs to be narrowed and expectations for his performance need to be made clear. Jones isn’t dealing with numerous injuries and whatnot right now – he’s simply not performing.

Jones is guaranteed to make $1.7 million this year and he’s likely just going through a slump, so cutting him would be a very poor decision. However, some sort of disciplinary “rehab,” if you will, would certainly give the Cowboys a better idea on Jones’ future.

For once, Dallas head coach Jason Garrett has the right idea regarding this situation:

“You can make a lot of excuses and have a lot of explanations for [Jones] – he missed the whole off-season – but the reality is that what’s most important is to get him going to be the Felix Jones he’s capable of being.”

Jones can get back to being an explosive playmaker, but that can’t happen if the Cowboys continue to let him fumble kickoffs and trip over his own feet in the open field. So for starters, Jones should cease returning kickoffs immediately. Surprisingly, Garrett got that one right, too; he said he would “consider other alternatives” for kickoff returns. Naturally, team owner Jerry Jones quickly contradicted that:

“I don’t know about that. I think we saw him be quick at practice last week. I think we need to give him a little more room out there. He should be a great asset for us. That’s the way it remains.”

Tremendous insight there, Jerry. When asked, the Cowboys’ colorful general manager gave even more enlightenment as to why nothing should be done about Felix Jones.

“Well, just because I do. So I feel like we’re in good shape. But that’s it on that. Move on.”

That sure sounds like a general manager who has a clue about how to build a winning football team. (And some folks still wonder why Dallas has one playoff win in 16 years).

Felix Jones should be worked with specifically on getting back into solid physical and mental shape. He failed a conditioning test in training camp. For a guy known for his speed, there’s no excuse for Jones not being able to run 60 yards in eight seconds. In fact, one unnamed Cowboys beat writer did it the same day just to prove that point.

Put simply, Jerry Jones has no clue what he’s doing and Garret clearly is his puppet. Felix Jones has to be dealt with properly and in a timely manner so Dallas knows whether or not to trade him after the bye in Week 5. He’s in the final year of his contract, so if Felix Jones finishes this year the way he’s started it, the Cowboys will be sitting at .500 and out of the playoffs again this year. However, as long as Jerry is “running” this team, that’s the most likely scenario every season.

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