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Denver Broncos Lose: Peyton Manning Shows Rust

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Well that’s not what everyone had in mind when they talked about the Denver Broncos versus the Atlanta Falcons. For the record, the Broncos fell 27-21. Peyton Manning has been telling anyone who would listen that he is “not there” yet. However because of his play in the preseason and the season opener versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, a lot of people thought he was just being cautious. Maybe it is time that we all start believing him. The rust that a lot of people had been talking about reared its ugly head on Monday night.

Because it is the world we live in, everyone is going to overreact to Manning’s performance and the Broncos loss. I’m not going to sugarcoat and tell you not to worry, that would be foolish. What I am going to tell you is to relax, just a little. The Falcons did an excellent job of disguising coverage’s and Manning looked confused. That’s where the issue of rust comes into play, more than even the simple act of throwing the football. For the first time, fans also saw the timing issues between Manning and his receivers. No one knows except the players involved, what exactly happened on those interceptions. However it is apparent that Manning and the Broncos are a work in progress. Some of that progress was evident during the game itself and if the Broncos get one more stop late in the game, there might have been a whole different story.

So where do the Broncos go from here, they go back to work. Just as it was probably foolish in retrospect to read too much into one loss, it would be just as foolish to read too much into this loss. The Broncos did not play well, obviously but they come home at 1-1. The Denver Broncos face another big challenge next Sunday when the 2-0 Houston Texans come to town. Will the Broncos win that game, I don’t know but it is another step in the process. The process that Manning has been talking about all along, maybe people will start listening.

It may seem like it but the sky is not falling, the Broncos are 1-1 and have two straight home games coming up.

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