Denver Broncos Need DJ Williams

By Joe Morrone

Through the first two weeks on the NFL season, the Denver Broncos are struggling on the defensive side of the football. It’s not all bad; they are actually playing pretty good on first and second down but third down is killing the Broncos right now. I wrote after that game with the Atlanta Falcons that the primary reason is a lack of a pass rush, but there is something or more appropriately someone that will also help.

The Broncos have no choice but to insert linebacker, DJ Williams back into the starting lineup when his suspension is over in four weeks. I’ve written in the past that the Broncos should part ways with Williams who finds trouble far too often, but he is the best overall linebacker on the roster. In addition to the lack of a pass rush, the Broncos are getting eaten alive over the middle of the field. Williams is the best linebacker in terms of pass coverage and would take away some of the easy completions over the middle.

Williams is not the pure pass rusher that Von Miller is but he is the Broncos best blitzing linebacker, and knows how to time his blitzes. Miller and Elvis Dumervil need to play better, particularly Dumervil, but having another threat like Williams on the field would make their jobs easier. It’s one more person that the offense has to account for. With all due respect to Wesley Woodyard and Keith Brooking, no one has to game plan for them. Williams is still the fourth or fifth best player on the Broncos defense, and they are in no position to be waving goodbye to that kind of talent.

The linebacker spot is the weak link of the Denver Broncos defense right now but in four weeks, they can add a very good player that will be an instant upgrade. Williams is not a good guy and fans don’t have to like him, but the Broncos need him.

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