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Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck Will Lead Team to Better Record After 3 Games Than Elite Quarterbacks

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It’s hard to believe we’re already entering Week 3 in the NFL season. A record amount of teams are 1-1 after two weeks of play as parity is showing in the league now more than ever. I’m going to go out and make a bold statement here by saying Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck will lead the Colts to a better record after this weekend than some major quarterbacks in the league will do.

The Colts host a terrible Jacksonville Jaguars team, and barring a huge disaster, should be 2-1 heading into their bye week. I think that 2-1 record will be better than Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, the No. 2 draft pick in this past April’s draft Robert Griffin III and his team the Washington Redskins and Luck’s predecessor Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. I think all of those teams–other than the Saints–will lose this Sunday and all four teams will be 1-2 after Week 3.

Who would have thought Luck would have a better record for his team than Brady, Brees, Manning and Griffin III?

There’s no way the Patriots are going to win in Baltimore this Sunday night against the Ravens. The Patriots aren’t playing very well this season and just lost to a pretty bad Arizona Cardinals team. The Ravens were a dropped pass and missed field goal away from beating the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game last season and will show this season that the Patriots supremacy in the AFC is on the downward slide.

I think Manning and the Broncos are going to have a tough time beating the Houston Texans on Sunday in Denver as the Texans defense is a lot better than the Atlanta Falcons defense that forced three interceptions on Manning last night. The Texans are a very good defense and should give Manning fits. This game will be close, but I’m leaning on the Texans to drop the Broncos to 1-2 in this one.

The Redskins are playing a better Cincinnati Bengals team and should lose Sunday as well. The Redskins are without two big defensive players and should have a hard time stopping Andy Dalton and A.J. Green. I think the Bengals defense will do enough to stop Griffin III and drop the Redskins to 1-2 as well.

The only major quarterback on this list, Brees, should lead his team to a victory on Sunday. Even with a win, the Saints will still have a worst record than the Colts since they dropped their first two games. Brees should have no problems with the Kansas City Chiefs and lead the Saints to their first victory of the season and improve to 1-2.

On Sunday night, Colts fans should be feeling really good about themselves with where they will stand after three games. I know it’s still extremely early, but for the Colts to match the win total of the entire season last year in three games and have a better record than these quarterbacks and these teams after three games builds big time momentum for a team that desperately needs it after the slack they received for getting rid of Manning in March.