Indianapolis Colts: Secondary Still Achilles Heel

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

The Indianapolis Colts won the game Sunday, but the biggest flaw still is the secondary. The Colts made it known in the preseason that this was the one spot they wanted to improve drastically by rotating so many guys into the lineup. They made a big trade with the Miami Dolphins for corner Vonate Davis late in the preseason in exchange for a second round pick in  next year’s draft.

Everyone was saying how great Davis was. He was supposed to be this lockdown corner to help defend the other team’s best receiver and allow Jerraud Powers to be even more of a lockdown corner on the other side.

So far, both of them aren’t playing much lockdown coverage as they’re allowing the opposition to throw to open receivers all day. Jay Cutler and Christian Ponder have only thrown one interception combined against Indianapolis and have each thrown more than 65 percent completion percentage.

The soft coverage needs to stop quickly or this Colts team is in for a miserable rebuilding mode. If they continue to leave open receivers in this day and age where quarterbacks are so explosive, they will get this team beat.

I expected tough man to man coverage with making it difficult for the opposition to complete passes. So far in 85 percent of the game, they’re not doing that. What’s frustrating is that when they do play tight press coverage, they’re dangerous.

The defensive line can’t get a pass rush when receivers are open off the line of scrimmage. Let’s hope this can get corrected soon or I wouldn’t mind seeing the Colts let literally every cornerback go for new ones. It’s inexcusable to respect the receivers they’re respecting. Just play defense.

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