Jay Cutler: ‘We’re Moving On’

By Dominique Blanton
Jay Cutler Chicago Bears

Tuesday, during his one-hour show with ESPN’s Tom Waddle and Marc Silverman, Jay Cutler responded to the National criticism for being spotted shoving teammate J’Marcus Webb to the side last Thursday Night against the Green Bay Packers.

First off, he was asked what happened in the lost against the Packers.

“We’ve got beat; we got beat by a good football team. Offensively it starts with me, so I have to play better and it trickles down. It started early on in that game and it never got better“

It’s good to see that Cutler took accountability in that game; realizing that he could have done his part a little better to help the team get a victory. This is something we didn’t see in the post-game press conference.

When asked about the incident with Webb, here’s his response on the incident:

“I can’t put a definite reason on why it happened. It happened. It’s an emotional game. I put a lot into playing quarterback and I take it seriously. It’s just one of those things that happens during a game. Since then, we’ve talked about it and it’s behind us.”

“I probably shouldn’t have bumped him.  As far as me yelling at him and trying to get him going in the game, I don’t regret that. I shouldn’t have bumped him, I’ll stick with that.”

As expected from most professional athletes, they’re not going to openly admit that an incident is lingering with them to the next game. What’s noted is that he spoke to Webb, the rest of his offensive line, and the powers that be (most likely the coaches and front office) gives you the indication that everything is fine moving forward.

When asked what he thought of former NFL players criticism of his leadership:

“I can’t get involved in every single person’s opinion of my play and my character and my leadership skills,”

As far as his thoughts on teammate D.J. Moore’s comments on the situation

“He’s entitled to his opinion. Whatever he wants to say is up to him.”

The Chicago Bears have the St. Louis Rams this Sunday, and they need a win to sweep this issue under the rug.

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