Jeff Fisher's Attitude Instilled In 2012 St. Louis Rams

By Anthony Blake
Cortland Finnegan

Many people predicted it, but the fact that it is coming true is still a bit difficult to believe. The St. Louis Rams are seeing a real turnaround in their franchise and it has less to do with the play on the field and more to do with the attitudes of those 53 guys. Head Coach Jeff Fisher brought a real feeling of expectation to the locker room and that has infected the players and given them an air of confidence.

In the past, the Rams as a doormat were entering games trying to keep it close and not get humiliated by the time 60 minutes had elapsed. This team is all about winning and their coach preaches that on a regular basis as he said: “When you’re here, you expect to win. That’s kind of the attitude that they have and that goes back to our first little scuffle in the first play of our OTA.”

The fact that Fisher brought in this attitude has been huge for the team, but bringing along other players who embody this philosophy has also been very important. Cornerback Cortland Finnegan has been criticized for being less of a football player and more of an antagonist. Whatever your feelings on his tactics, they worked like a charm in the closing moments against the Washington Redskins on Sunday.

After Skins’ wideout Joshua Morgan caught a pass and moved the ball inside the Rams’ 30 yard line, Finnegan gave him an extra little bump. That small gesture caused Morgan to lose his cool and toss the ball at Finnegan which drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct flag. As a result, Washington was forced to try a very long field goal which missed giving the Rams the victory.

A winning attitude shows itself in many different ways, but the Rams are confident that they have plenty of guys on their roster now that understand that concept. The players on this team will fight until the final whistle and get victories by whatever means necessary. That is why the Rams have already gotten half of their win total from 2011 and don’t plan to stop any time soon.

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