Mike McCarthy Thinks Green Bay Packers Offense Is Not Far Off

By Kevin Van Pelt




Through the first two weeks of the season, the Green Bay Packers haven’t looked like the team they were last season on offense. In 2011, Green Bay had a record-breaking season that was led by MVP Aaron Rodgers. With how well the offense looked last year, the expectations were just as high coming into 2012. The Packers were returning most of their starters on offense and there was no reason to think there would be a carryover onto this year’s team.

However, the first two week the Packers have failed to get into any kind of rhythm. To be fair to the Packers, they have faced two of the best defenses in the NFL to start the season so it would be tough for any offense to get off to a great start with this schedule. As coach Mike McCarthy points out, there is no need to be concerned after only two weeks of football.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate to be concerned after two weeks. Handling the football is definitely a concern this week. We haven’t caught the ball as well as we need to. We had the ball on the ground. It always goes back to the fundamentals.”

There is no question the Packers have all the talent they need on offense to produce high scores, but McCarthy is right about the fundamentals. Green Bay has been making too many mistakes that are costing them opportunities to score. The biggest problem for the Packers is the amount of dropped passes. Ball security is a big part of what Green Bay was practicing during training camp this offseason and so far there hasn’t been much improvement.

It seems unrealistic to expect the Packers to return to the level they were at in 2011 as that was close to perfection. Still, the Packers have much to improve on and the offense needs to turn it around starting this week against the Seattle Seahawks. It is well know that Seattle is one of the loudest places to play in the NFL, so the Packers offense will need to get into their rhythm early to quiet the crowd and take control of the game.

Coach McCarthy is one of the best offensive coaches in the game and he knows that the Packers are not far off from where they should be. This 10 day layoff until the game is something the Packers can use to their advantage to get the offensive back into form. Expect to see a big game coming from Rodgers and company this Monday night.


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