NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow States, 'I Haven't Ruled Out Running for Office'

By Bobby Kittleberger
Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

If not the greatest quarterback ever, Tim Tebow of the New York Jets is a charismatic, well known and popular guy. Perhaps those are the only three things you really need to run for public office in this country. If he were to choose to do so, he might just have an honest shot at winning, since political campaigns aren’t measured by passing accuracy.

Tebow stated in an interview that he “hasn’t ruled out running for office”. It’s an interesting comment considering Tebow is relatively young in his football career, and wouldn’t be likely to retire from the sport for a long time. However the possibility of a Tebow candidacy for political office is intriguing no matter how far in the future it may be.

In the wake of trade rumors surrounding Tebow that have suggested he could want out of New York, this comment expands the speculation about Tebow’s future. His appeal and popularity are no doubt strong enough to carry him even without the spotlight of the NFL. If Tebow were to run for public office, he would almost certainly expand his influence, and should he win, would be a refreshing presence in Washington.

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