NFL Power Rankings: Dallas Cowboys Sit In Middle Of Pack

By Ben Grimaldi

When you look at the recent power rankings, the Dallas Cowboys come in at the middle of the pack. It doesn’t matter where you look, ESPN has them at 15 and has them at 17, so there is no real separation. The consensus is that the Cowboys are an average team.

It’s hard to argue. After all, they did finish last season at 8-8 and are 1-1 early in the season this year. And if you look at their play so far, average is exactly what they.

The Cowboys beat the New York Giants in a tough assignment to open the season. They looked like a tough, physical and determined team in winning the first game of the year. The football world was signing their praises only to come back in week 2 and get beat by the Seattle Seahawks.

In that contest the Cowboys looked sluggish and lacked any kind of fight after being off for 10 days. Now the football experts have fired back and questioned who the Dallas Cowboys truly are. Join the crowd.

The Cowboys are good one week, bad the next and it seems to have been this way for a long time. So what do you call a team that can be good or bad on any given Sunday? Inconsistent for one but when you even out their performances in the first few weeks of the season the same word comes to mind, average.

The numbers are pretty clear when it comes to the power rankings in the NFL, Dallas fits in exactly where they are supposed to, the middle. It’s still early in the year but the Cowboys would obviously like to be in the top 10 in all of the power rankings but that territory is for teams that win consistently.

The good news is these power rankings mean very little, the bad news is if the Cowboys can get any higher, the power rankings mean very little.

Except that you’re winning games.

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