NFL Power Rankings: Predicting How the Chicago Bears Will Fare

By silverfox

After the Chicago Bears absolute destruction of the Indianapolis Colts, it was expected to see the Bears show up rather high on Rant Sports’ Week 2 Power Rankings. The Bears came in at #5 largely in thanks to their (what seemed to be) unstoppable areal attack and relentless pass rush.

My reaction to their #5 ranking: tentative…to say the least.

Week 1 in the NFL carries the most over-reactions than any other sport’s opening week. Blame it on the limited number of games and little lee-way for error. But all I saw in week 1 was a Bears team that handily beat 2011 Andrew Luck sweepstakes winners. Nothing to write home about.

Fast forward to September 13 and the North American media is singing an entirely different tune about the Bears. Rightfully so too as the Bears got demolished by the Green Bay Packers in front of a national audience. The Bears offense exposed critical flaws in pass protection, route running and, most importantly, quarterback decision making.

I definitely did not think the Bears were a #5 team after the win against the Colts. But after a complete whopping by the Packers, where do they deserve to be in the NFL hierarchy?

If you’re a Bears fan, I really hope you are sitting down for this one:

The Bears will come in at 21 below teams like the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys and even the Arizona Cardinals. Tuesday will be a sad day for all those residing in the Second City.

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