NFL Power Rankings: Seattle Seahawks Make a Huge Leap in Week Two

By Jake Coburn
Seattle Seahawks- Marshawn Lynch

Week two of the NFL season has come to an end and the new power rankings have been released. The Seattle Seahawks took the biggest jump this week after beating the Dallas Cowboys quite easily with a 27-7 victory on Sunday.

After a first week loss to the division rival Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks started week two at the 26th spot but are now located at 17th with a nine spot jump.

Seattle scored using special teams, the passing game, and the running game to show how they are clicking on all levels on offense. The defense was also able to come up with some turnovers. With the Seahawks getting production from all aspects of their team it is no surprise they would make suck a leap.

Dallas was a team that was ranked much higher than the Seahawks but just could not get their offense going on the road in Seattle.

The Seahawks have a chance to make an even bigger leap next week if they can pull off an upset win over the Green Bay Packers but if they can at least keep the game close, their spot in the power rankings should not change too much.

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