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NFL Rumors: Will Tim Tebow Get Into Politics?

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow is one of the most polarizing players ever to play in the NFL and it isn’t always because of his play on the field. Tebow’s popularity has as much to do with what he’s done off the field, as much as his achievements on it so I guess it doesn’t seem all that suprising that he may run for a public office someday.

Talking to’s Rich Cimini, Tebow was asked if he’d ever consider going into politics and here is what he had to say, “I haven’t ruled it out. Whatever avenue I feel like I can make a difference in, I’d love to do. I haven’t ruled out anything like that. It won’t be anytime soon in my future, but it’ll be something I’ll at least look at and consider one day.”

Man I would feel sorry for whoever went up against Tim Tebow in any election. Tebow’s personality and image as a great person has never been questioned and it seems like he would defeat any incumbent easily.

The political game doesn’t seem too good of a fit for Tebow though. As nice of a guy as he is, it could prove difficult for him to be in such a nasty business such as politics. And as a people pleaser, he may not be able to handle not making everyone happy.

Just by Tebow mentioning politics will get headlines no doubt but the bottom line is that things in the far off future does not concern the Jets and their fans. He was simply answering a question he was asked.

But anything Tebow says is news. Sounds like something the President of The United States of America goes through. Coincidence, I think not.

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