One Positive For Dallas Cowboys This Week

By Ben Grimaldi


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We all know how poorly the Dallas Cowboys played last week against the Seattle Seahawks and they’ve gotten their fair share of criticism for their performance. The good news is, they know it too. It was an awful game by the Cowboys but there is one positive to take away from what happened in Seattle: they are accepting blame for the loss.

I wrote the other day there’s been a culture of blame around the Cowboys and their fans whenever they lose, which is usually is the case. Haven’t all of us been clamoring for the team to have more accountability? Well, that is exactly what we’re getting from the Cowboys now. Just read the quotes and they’ll tell you who the Cowboys blame for the loss: themselves.

Here is what Jason Witten had to say about the loss. “I think it should be clear to you guys that it’s not about, ‘Were they up, were they not?’ We got our (butts) beat, that’s where our focus is, how do we bounce back from that. You got to execute. You got to play winning football.”

DeMarcus Ware, what say you? “You look at the tape,” Ware said. “There’s a big difference. Each team made some plays, but they executed better than we did.”

Heck even the most positive person in the organization realizes they got beat, say it ain’t so Jerry Jones. “They were better than we were today in every aspect of it,” Jones said. “You can call it whatever you want to call it. But they were better than we were today, all the way.”

If you look at each of those quotes, each one of them contains the word “we.” Despite losing, this is a real positive for Cowboys fans to take away from a terrible effort. The Cowboys aren’t making excuses, which we’ve become accustomed to. They are holding themselves accountable, which is a great sign.

In every loss you can still find a positive; the Cowboys accountability has been questioned the past few years and after the loss to Seattle, the team accepted they didn’t play good enough to win. They made no excuses.

Every journey must begin with a single step.

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