Replacement Ref Tells Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy He Needs Him For Fantasy Team

By Bryn Swartz

The replacement referees have been the talk of the National Football League during the first two weeks of the season.

It’s been worse than anyone has expected. They’ve missed obvious calls. They’re clearly afraid to call some penalties. They’re slow and cause the games to take much longer. And a lot of them are making it pretty obvious that they’re fans of certain teams and players.

I’m not talking about the replacement ref who was removed prior to the New Orleans SaintsCarolina Panthers game after it was revealed that he is a fan of the Saints. That was yesterday’s news.

The big story right now is that Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy claims that a replacement ref told him during the game that he needs him for his fantasy team. Here is the tweet by Marc Farzetta, a host and anchor for Philadelphia’s WIP radio station.

If the league looks into this story and finds it true, I expect the ref to be disciplined. I’m not sure if he would be fined, suspended, or fired, but these refs cannot be fans of the game while they are doing their job. That’s completely unacceptable in every aspect.

By the way, McCoy rushed 25 times for 81 yards and a touchdown, plus a lost fumble. The Eagles squeaked out a 24-23 victory against the Baltimore Ravens.

No word yet on whether the ref won his fantasy match-up this week.

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