San Francisco 49ers Joe Staley Bashes Detroit Lions Defensive Line

By Tina Musial

The bad blood between the Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers continues to grow. Joe Staley, the offensive tackle for the 49ers, can’t seem to stop bashing on the Lions, even after the game. First, he couldn’t stop talking to the press in the locker room Sunday night and then Monday morning he gushed during a radio interview. What he said will surely fan the flames between the two for the next meeting, whether it is this season or next.

What did he say that could be so bad?

Sunday night, right after the game, Staley boasted, “We killed them. Every single pressure they got was cheap…”

Cheap? Does he just consider it cheap because someone did get through and it hurt his feelings? Then he goes on to brag that their offense ran 200 yards on the best defensive line in all of football.

When has the Detroit defensive line been considered the top dog this year? Staley must be confused. The Dallas Cowboys, the Chicago Bears, the New England Patriots, the Baltimore Ravens – they were all talked about as having the best defenses and being contenders for the playoffs early on…NOT the Lions. Did he take a bump to the head during the game and get his teams mixed up? Ndamukong Suh is a strong defensive player, and even though he would love to be considered the top dog, along with the three standing next to him, he has never claimed to be number one.

Is Staley just looking to rub salt in wounds he claims to have inflicted? He went on to say he was never impressed by the extremely overrated front four. In addition to Suh, that includes Cliff Avril, Corey Williams and Kyle Vanden Bosch.

The front four aren’t likely to forget those comments.

Monday morning during a radio interview Staley continued where he left off, saying Detroit takes a lot of cheap shots. His team was prepared for the cheap shots and the “foul play” and fought back.

No Detroit player has responded to his comments. Coach Jim Schwartz shrugged it off and said people are free to speak their opinion and others are free to believe it.

All of the Lions defense should take the comments in stride and continue to practice tough. If there is a meeting this year in the postseason, it is guaranteed to be an explosive physical game where the 49ers continue to prove themselves and the Lions would want redemption. If the two teams do not meet until next year, that is a lot of time to let wounds fester.

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