The Chicago Bears Will Only Go As Far As Mike Tice’s Play Calling

By alibud69

The pain of witnessing the shambolic attempts of the Chicago Bears offense against the Green Bay Packers last Thursday night is indescribable.

This game was utterly winnable. For the first time in years the Packers offense looked off color from start to finish against the Bears defense, yet the best laid plains fell to waste at the hands of disgraceful play calling and even more disgusting execution by the Bears offense.

Mike Tice is yet to call a complete game for the Bears. The opening play of the games against the Indianapolis Colts and against the Packers both ended with QB Jay Cutler flat on his back for a combined lose of 25 yards.

The blueprint for beating the Packers has been made, it’s tried and tested, yet Tice seemed to think he knew better.

The Bears should have pounded the ball at the Packers defense until they had to pull players out of double coverage on Brandon Marshall. Instead they threw the ball and ignored the running game routinely, paying the consequences accordingly.

Michael Bush didn’t even touch the ball until Matt Forte went down injured, which is not how one of the better running back tandems in the league should be utilised.

Look the Bears didn’t execute. Balls were dropped, routes were not completed, blocks were missed, balls were thrown poorly off the back foot, the list is endless. But Mike Tice’s horrific play calling in my view was the catalyst for the shambles at Lambeau Field.

It needs to be noted that growing pains were always going to be present under a new offensive scheme and play caller, but the fact remains that over two full games, Tice has only had three good quarters.

Not to start ramming my head against the panic button, but Tice has to start this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams by showing he is truly capable of performing his job as Offensive Coordinator.

If he is incapable of being able to exploit simple match up advantages, as well as weaknesses in the oppositions defensive schemes, then no one will see this season what this explosive new offense is truly capable of doing, J’Marcus Webb at Left Tackle or not.

Let us not forget his mantra at the start of the season, “this offense will go as far as the line allows it to”, well Mr Tice, I challenge you to a war of philosophies, you have yours and mine is as follows, “The Chicago Bears will live and die, by Mike Tice’s play calling”.

Hopefully for all our sakes, Tice starts to get his head in the game, because if I wanted to see Cutler on the seat of his pants 7 times in a game every week, then the Bears should never have forced Mike Martz into retirement.

I am all for growing pains, as long as they indicated growth and not gross incompetence. As a result, only time will tell how far this offense can go under Tice’s leadership. Luckily for everyone involved these problems are arising early on in the season, with all the NFC North sitting at a record of 1-1 no terminal damage has been done.

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