Dallas Cowboys Fans Need Some Perspective

By Ben Grimaldi
Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Its been a tough week for Dallas Cowboys fans after their favorite team lost to the Seattle Seahawks. After being on such a high for 10 days, they came crashing down to earth late Sunday. We’re only two weeks into the season and Cowboys fans have already been put through the emotional ringer.

Most of them want to know what could possibly have gone wrong from week 1 to week 2? Some of the questions were the same everywhere you looked; were they over confident? Can they not handle success? What was the gameplan?

And then there was the usual group blaming everyone they could find wearing a Cowboys jersey, from players like Tony Romo, to Felix Jones and even Jason Witten, right on down to the coaches Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan.

I get it, you need answers. Your Cowboys were world beaters one week, then bums the next and you just can’t understand it. Neither can I, but here’s the best answer there is, relax. You all do realize there is another game this week, right?

The NFL season is only two weeks old and there isn’t enough of a sample size to know how good this Cowboys team will be. All we know is they have the potential to be really good but also the potential throw in a stinker too. Guess what, that’s every team in the NFL.

Do you realize the New England Patriots are 1-1 and lost at home to the Arizona Cardinals? The Green Bay Packers are also 1-1, so are the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers. The New Orleans Saints are sitting at 0-2 and the only win-less team in the NFC. As a matter of fact, there are only six undefeated teams in the entire league. The point is it’s tough to win in the NFL, especially on the road.

I know you don’t care about any other team but it’s more about gaining perspective. Let’s get through another four or five weeks before we start making any real judgements about this Cowboys team; they haven’t even played in front of their home crowd yet. The offensive line hasn’t been together for consecutive weeks at any point this season, including training camp and the wide receivers are just getting healthy. There were hamstring and spleen issues that kept their best options on the sideline instead of getting import repetitions with Tony Romo. Mike Jenkins, their best cornerback last year, just saw the field last week in a limited capacity and their starting nose tackle has yet to play. This team can get better.

Are these excuses? Not at all, just reasons to be a little more positive about the Cowboys. Two weeks does not make a season; there is time for this team to gel and get better. We’ve seen the evidence they can be a good football team, let’s see how they play in the next few weeks before we pass judgement.

So far from the Cowboys we’ve seen the good, the bad and we’re trying to avoid the ugly. Still, we’re only two weeks into the season and perspective is needed.

Come on down off the ledge.

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