Detroit Lions Prove They Can Compete With NFL Elite in Loss to 49ers

By Brian Cote
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The Detroit Lions were not blown out in a 27-19 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, but they still were outplayed for most of the game. What the Lions did do is show that they can play and compete against the more competitive teams in the NFL.

Detroit could have just laid down and gave up as San Francisco built their lead and continued to manage the game to their advantage, but they did not. The Lions did show the rest of the league something after all besides their inconsistent performance. The team kept itself in the game despite not executing effectively for the majority of the contest.

The team from Motown showed that they will fight and play hard to the end and that they will not be intimidated by any other team in football. This is obviously a great departure for the franchise from the 0-16 team of 2008 and a step in the right direction for the organization.

One of Detroit’s main goals post 0-16 season was to become a competitive and legit NFL team. The team’s rapid rise and ascent last year into the playoffs certified that its reprisal was in full effect.

The Lions did show a national Sunday Night Football audience that the team is no longer a laughing stock and that being amongst the NFL elite is now a truly obtainable goal.

Let’s just see if Detroit responds well to coming up short against the 49ers in week three at the Tennessee Titans.

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