Indianapolis Colts: Offensive Line Still a Work in Process

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

There’s two spots I feel that the Indianapolis Colts still need help in. One is the secondary and the other is the offensive line. Now, don’t get me wrong both are significantly better than last year, but both need some serious work to be a contender in the AFC.

The Colts right now are 1-1 and only two teams in the AFC have better records. The Colts won their game against the Minnesota Vikings Sunday in what was a game they should have won. It was no surprise the Colts won this contest. Now, games against Green Bay or New England would be games that they’re not supposed to win right now, but in another year or two they will be.

I’ve said all preseason there’s six games on the Colts schedule this season that are must win games. They already took care of one with beating Minnesota and have another one this weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars at home. The others are Cleveland, Miami, and Tennessee at home, and beating Jacksonville again on the road in November. The rest would be added bonuses if they win.

If they’re going to win the games they’re not supposed to this year it’s going to have to come from an improved offensive line. Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck is scrambling for his life too much instead of being able to get his feet set and make a good throw.

If I was going to grade Luck right now I’d give him a high B+ for how well he’s hiding the inabilities protect him. Luck is like Peyton Manning in that he reads the coverage so well and gets rid of the ball before the defense gets to him. Where he’s better than Manning is that he is mobile and runs away from the trouble instead of getting sacked. I can honestly say if that was Manning back there he’d be sacked a bunch of times and Indianapolis very well could be 0-2 right now.

The front office and coaching staff need to decide if these are the guys that they want to protect their franchise quarterback for the longhaul or not. If it’s the latter it’s time to make some more moves until they find the right combination. If the protection stays this bad all year, Luck will be lucky to make it December.


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