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11 Recent Moments That Prove Jerry Jones is Clueless as Dallas Cowboys GM

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Jerry Jones is Clueless as GM of the Dallas Cowboys

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Jerry Jones has done and said a lot bizarre things during his tenure as owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys. He started it off boldly by firing legendary head coach Tom Landry (God rest his soul) and hiring college teammate Jimmy Johnson. That one turned out in his favor as Johnson turned the team into a powerhouse in just four seasons and leading the Cowboys to three Super Bowl titles in a four-year stretch. (Barry Switzer's one win in that stretch belongs to Johnson).   However, things quickly turned south as Jones' ego grew as big as the Texas sky during his team's success run. He turned on his then-friend Johnson and moronically ran him out of town. The Cowboys haven't been the same since.   How can someone who runs a business do something that stupid to hurt it, you ask? If you've got three minutes, check out the rest of this slide show and you'll see 10 recent instances of such stupidity. These are 11 recent moments that prove Jones has no idea what he's doing as general manager of the Cowboys:

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Bill Callahan Named Offensive Coordinator With No Play-Calling Duties

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The first senseless move Jones made this calendar year was in mid-January when he promoted new offensive line coach Bill Callahan to "Offensive Coordinator." The only problem there is Callahan doesn't call the offensive plays, which the job of the OC. The worst part was Jones had just finished a very long, drawn-out speech about how he wanted his head coach to always call plays, either offensively or defensively. This was basically a shot at Johnson, who didn't call any plays during his illustrious tenure as head coach of the Cowboys. The problem with Jones' little lesson was current Dallas head coach Jason Garrett saying a week later that he plans on giving up his play-calling duties at some point during his time with Dallas. Jones' forehead met his palm.

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“I Want Me Some Glory Hole”

glory hole
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While Jones, Garrett and the rest of the Cowboys' organization were arguing through interviews over whether or not the team's championship window is closing, the media began to join in the conversation. After the "discussion" was seemingly over, Jones was asked about it once more. His response made all Cowboys fans want to crawl in a hole.


"I want to officially close the window to closing the window," Jones said. "That was off-season talk. I do feel a sense of urgency, though. I’ve been here 23 years. I’ve been here when it was glory hole days and when it wasn’t. I want me some glory hole!”


Cowboys public relations director Rich Dalrymple quickly jumped in front of the mic and said "that's a commonly used expression in the oil and gas exploration business," to which Jones bellowed,"That's news to me!"


That may be a term used in the oil and gas industry, but that's not what "glory hole" means in the Urban Dictionary. Plus, why would Jones override his public relations director to intentionally embarrass his franchise? As they say on Twitter, #SMH and #RML.

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Jason Garrett Contradicted on Kickoff Returns


Garrett was asked point blank whether or not Cowboys running back Felix Jones would continue to return kickoffs after he fumbled the opening one in Dallas' loss to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2. His response was expected:


"You can make a lot of excuses and have a lot of explanations for that - he missed the whole off-season - but the reality is that what's most important is to get him going to be the Felix Jones he's capable of being."


Garrett went on to say he would "consider other alternatives" for kickoff returns, which was a smart answer. However, Jerry didn't hesitate to override his head coach publicly to defend Felix, a fellow Arkansas Razorbacks alumnus.


"I don’t know about that," Jerry said. I think we saw him be quick at practice last week. I think we need to give him a little more room out there. He should be a great asset for us. That’s the way it remains."



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Felix Jones' Job is Safe for the Heck of It

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Those two statements by Garrett and Jerry weren't the end of the Felix drama. Soon thereafter, Jerry was badgered a little bit about not taking action regarding Felix's poor play and lack on conditioning. When asked why he thought nothing should be done, Jerry's reasoning was extremely enlightening.


"Well, just because I do. So I feel like we’re in good shape. But that’s it on that. Move on."


That was beautiful, Jerry. Sheer brilliance. Exactly the kind of answer you want from an NFL general manager.

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"Come to Cowboys Stadium and Watch Us Beat the Giants' [Expletive]!"

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Less than a week after the "glory hole" incident, Jones apparently forgot his team went 8-8 in 2011 and was 1-5 against the New York Giants in the past three seasons. So he proceeded to colorfully tell all the fans at Cowboys training camp in Onxard, Calif., that his team would beat the defending Super Bowl champs in 2012.


"Y'all should come to Cowboys Stadium and watch us beat the Giants' asses," Jones hollered.


Yes, I know what you're thinking, but just wait for it...

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Oops! Didn't Open Season at Cowboys Stadium


Come watch the Cowboys beat the Giants at Cowboys Stadium, huh? Apparently Jones forgot the Cowboys opened the season in New York and not in Arlington, Texas. Sure, Dallas actually won the game, but the fact Jones didn't know where the league's season-opening game that involved his team was being played definitely contributes to the rumor that he's starting to develop Alzheimer's. If those fans in Oxnard didn't check the schedule, then they probably think a lot less of Jones after showing up at Cowboys Stadium for opening night to discover all the lights were off...

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Nothing Was Done About the O-Line

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A lot was made about the Cowboys' free agent signings of offensive linemen Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau this off-season, but those moves are now being put into perspective. Even most of the NFL's passionate fans don't know much about their favorite teams' respective offensive lines, but if you actually watched some film on these two players, you saw that these signings weren't franchise-changing as many ignorant fans and media members made them out to be.


The fact Jones signed two average (at best) guys to "solidify the Cowboys' offensive line" speaks volumes about his incompetence to run a football team. Livings and Bernadeau weren't bad signings, but they certainly aren't moves that are going to suddenly make Dallas' offensive line an above-average unit, much less an elite one. However, the publicity and hype surrounding these moves had Jerry written all over it.

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Laurent Robinson, Jesse Holley Allowed to Walk

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Laurent Robinson was the Cowboys' best receiver in 2011. Period. Case closed, end of story. The fact he was allowed to then walk out of Dallas without so much as a "hey, wait" is proof enough in itself that Jones has absolutely no business running a professional football team.


Most folks only remember Jesse Holley's long catch during overtime of Dallas' 27-24 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2 of last year. However, Holley made a much greater impact on the team during the rest of the season and was ready to re-sign with the Cowboys for little money this off-season. However, Jerry's stupidity naturally kicked in at the most inopportune time and Holley wasn't even contacted by the team in any shape, form or fashion. The Cowboys entered 2012 with only three receivers who had ever caught an NFL pass on the off-season roster. As mentioned before, #SMH and #RML.

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Tickets Given to Players on Field During Playoff Game


This moment goes farther back than the calendar year, but it's more than worth mentioning. During the Cowboys' divisional playoff game against the Giants in 2007, Jones went around the field as his players were stretching and passed out tickets to the NFC Championship game the following week. This prompted an anonymous Giants player to confess at the time "now I understand why that team can't win."


If a player from a division rival admits the Cowboys' players are being held back by their owner and general manager, then how in the world can Dallas possibly hope to win another Super Bowl while Jones is alive?

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Bill Nagy Waived to Sign Garrett's Nephew

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Before the start of the 2012 season, the Cowboys waived guard/center Bill Nagy, a 2011 seventh-round draft pick that was by far the team's best offensive lineman as a rookie before suffering a broken ankle that ended his season. Jones and Garrett are so incapable of properly managing a football team they waived Nagy in order to make room for Garrett's nephew, then-fifth-string tight end Harry Flaherty, who had absolutely no shot of making the active roster.


To make matters worse, Dallas already had four quality tight ends in Jason Witten, John Phillips, James Hanna and Andrew Szczerba. However, although he's a much better player than Flaherty and had a much better preseason, even Szczerba was cut and replaced by a waiver pickup from the Cincinnati Bengals - Colin Cochart. The Cowboys used Witten's injury as an excuse to add Flaherty, but that doesn't change the fact Nagy is now with the Detroit Lions, Szczerba isn't on the active roster and Flaherty is gone as expected. Great personnel moves there, fellas.

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Cowboys "Should Always Financially Have the Ability to Compete"


Apparently Jones doesn't know the NFL now has a salary cap. He already got busted for overloading contracts in in 2010, an uncapped year, but that $10 million fine must have just gotten lost in his stack of mail that he never reads.


Regardless, Jones insulted his fans by expressing his ignorance when it comes to personnel moves in a recent reflection of just how long it's been since the Cowboys were a contender.


"There's a lot of me that can't realize that it's been that long. Now, I know how to count and I know how to look at our teams, so I'm aware that it's been that long since we competed in the Super Bowl. On the other hand, one of the greatest things about sports and with where we are, we should always have the ability to compete. We should always financially have the ability to compete."


Read that last line one more time. If that doesn't sum up Jones' absolute incompetence to run a football team, nothing does.