Antoine Winfield Gives Motivational Speech in Minnesota Vikings Locker Room

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Veterans play a big role on any team. One of the more notable veterans on the Minnesota Vikings is 35 year-old cornerback Antoine Winfield. Winfield knows that his playing days are numbered, and this is most likely the reason the veteran decided to speak up.

Winfield gave a ten minute speech/pep talk to everybody involved with the Vikings franchise this past week.

“Coaches, GM, everybody,” said Winfield. When asked the topic of his talk, he replied “football.”

“I only stand up and say stuff when it’s coming from the heart and I think it needs to be said.”

“I’m only playing this game because I want to win a championship. It’s not about the money anymore. I still love to play. I think I’m still productive I still play at a high level. That’s why I’m here.”

While exact details of the speech were not disclosed, it does seem to be in regard to finishing games, which obviously Minnesota didn’t do last weekend.

You’ve got to love hearing about something like this. Just to know that one of the team’s best defensive players in undoubtedly all in, is refreshing in itself, plus the fact that he’s trying to rally everyone else involved.

It’s not like the Vikings franchise is in a dyer situation, but Winfield sees what everyone else sees, a young team that’s not quite there yet, but not that far off at the same time. He’s doing everything in his power on and off the field to get this team to the next level; while he’s still playing.

I love the championship mentality. Rebuilding doesn’t appear to be a word in Winfield’s vocabulary.

In addition to a winding down career, Winfield will also be playing with a very heavy heart this season, as his brother was murdered just two weeks ago. In all, Winfield only missed a couple practices, and was right back to business, even though he called it one of the most difficult things he’s every had to deal with.

Fans of the team can only hope his motivational speech rubs off on his teammates, because they have a tough challenge ahead with the San Francisco 49ers coming to town this Sunday.

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