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Mark Anderson Versus Joe Thomas Position Battle #1: Week 3 Edition

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Anderson, Mark 1

Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIRE

Buffalo Bills defensive end, Mark Anderson (pictured above) and Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas (pictured below) will provide one of the, if not the  most physical one on one match-up inside of Cleveland Browns’ Stadium this Sunday. Joe Thomas is widely considered the best left tackle in the NFL almost as soon as he came out of the 2007 draft, and Mark Anderson is considered one of the  better speed pass rushers in the league as well, however he isn’t like his left end counter part Mario Williams.

While Mark Anderson isn’t the premier right end in football, it looks like this Buffalo Bills defensive line is finally gelling. Which could mean havoc for other teams offensive lines that will have keep extra players inside the box to block this front four, including running backs and tight ends as well.

This Cleveland Browns offensive line is very good, if not one of the better ones that doesn’t seem to get any credit for it with players like Joe Thomas and center Alex Mack. There will be more on him on another article.

I always love to see offensive line vs defensive line battles, it’s often the most competitive and gets the least amount of credit as well, at least by the media anyway, and that is why I mention them so much.

Let’s go to the tale of the tape between Mark Anderson and Joe Thomas

Mark Anderson                                                     Joe Thomas

Age: 29                                                                     Age: 27

Height: 6′ 4″                                                            Height: 6′ 7″

Weight: 260 lbs.                                                   Weight: 313 lbs.

Years Pro: 7                                                           Years Pro: 6

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Thomas, Joe 1


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