NFL Rumors: All signs point to Arizona Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb Starting in week three

By Kase Brammer
Kevin Kolb Arizona Cardinals

According to the injury report from the Arizona Cardinals QB John Skelton did not practice on Wednesday and was limited today. So, it looks like Kevin Kolb will start against the Philadelphia EaglesThis of course is great news to a lot of Cardinals fans who want to win, but bad news for the offensive players that want to put up great stats.

The player who will suffer the most is Larry Fitzgerald, but because the guy is a class act, I’m sure he will be fine with it as long as the team is winning. Don’t forget Fitzgerald will continue to do the little things right because he knows that it helps the team. Don’t be surprised if you see him having fun cracking down on some poor linebacker on the Eagles.

Kolb starting will put the Cardinals in the best spot to win the game. After losing his job to Michael Vick I’m quite confident he will be chomping at the bit to show Eagles fans exactly what their front office gave away. Both teams are 2-0 and have a lot of room to improve.  Vick has thrown six interceptions in the first two games of the season. The Cardinals defense may be the toughest the Eagles have faced, but I don’t see him throwing more than one pick this week, as I’m sure Eagles Coach Andy Reid made that his focal point in practice this week.

Whoever Ken Whisenhunt decides to start this week, he will give the Eagles a run for their money. At the moment my money is on Kevin Kolb starting in week three of the NFL season.

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