Running Back Javon Ringer returns to the field after almost losing his arm to infection

By Stephanie Umek
Javon Ringer

For the past few weeks, Tennessee Titans running back Javon Ringer has not been able to step foot onto the field due to an infection in his left elbow. He has most recently been hooked up to a wound vac to ensure all the fluid was draining properly.

On September 8, Ringer was hospitalized for swelling in the arm, while he still doesn’t know exactly how the infection started, doctors say a scratch could have easily got infected. If any infection is not treated properly the limb in which the infection is located could easily be lost if the infection does not get under control.

Ringer told reporters, “I was OK until I heard that I could have lost my arm. That kind of let me know that, wow, this is kind of serious.”

After being in and out of the hospital, and having two surgeries to get the infection under control, Ringer was cleared as of late yesterday to get back onto the field. Even though he has not been able to practice for these past few weeks, this can only help the Titans as they return home to face the Detroit Lions.

With unexpected injuries to a lot of the players it’s imperative that the Titans kick it into high gear. After starting 0-2 the chances for the playoffs are going to slip away quickly if they can’t get their run game under control.

“There’s no panic mode or anything right now,” Ringer said. “Being 0-2 is not a good thing, but (we’re) definitely not panicking right now. The only thing we can do is keep moving forward and just continue working on things in practice that we need to show on the field.”

While last year, seven teams in the NFL started 0-2, not a single team made it to the playoffs.

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