Bart Scott Involved In Locker Room Altercation With Dan Leberfeld

By Riley Schmitt

Bart Scott might just be a bit unbalanced. The New York Jets linebacker does not like the media and that came to a head on Friday when he was involved in an altercation with reporter Dan Leberfeld. To the Twitter machine we go!


Ah, the Jets are just the circus that keeps on giving. Maybe Scott should focus on improving on the field instead of trying to punch a reporter over a picture. Might work out better for him and the team in the long run.  I mean, it is extremely unethical and a tad bit creepy, but still.  It is a reporter, which is part of a species not known for their physical prowess.

Seriously, the Jets are the biggest circus in pro sports right now.  Every day there is something weird going on with this team.  If it is not quarterback drama, it’s coaching drama.  If it is not that, I guess people want to fight reporters.  Interesting tactics but not ones that help on the football field.

I imagine that there has to be some sort of history between the two parties for Scott to be that incensed over a picture.  If there is no history, he might just be a tad unbalanced.  I mean, it’s a photo.  Are you really going to KO a reporter over that?

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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