Fast Start Will Be Key to Green Bay Packers Offense In Seattle




The Green Bay Packers will be at one of the toughest stadiums to play at this Monday night when they go play the Seattle Seahawks. It is well-known that Seattle is one of the loudest stadiums to play at in the NFL and they even raised the 12th man flag before every home game to represent the crowd as another player for the team. The crowd always shows up for the Seahawks’ game and considering Seattle will be going up against one of the best teams in the league on national television on Monday night, this crowd should be extra noisy.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers knows how important it will be for him and the offense to get off to a fast start.

“They’re one of the louder environments in the league, and they thrive off that ability to get that extra half step off the ball,” Packers quarterback Rodgers said. “It’s going to be important for us to find some rhythm early, get the lead, and get them out of it a little bit.”

The Packers were shut out in the first quarter in both of their games this season which is quite a surprise. Last season the Packers were only shut out a total of four times in the first quarter for the entire season. With two games in a row of the Packers getting off to slow starts, there will be a greater emphasis on getting into a rhythm early. The Packers can’t let Seattle control the pace of the game and let the crowd get too loud. They have to take over as quick as they can to avoid an early hole.

With the way Seattle played defense last week, the Packers won’t have an easy task of getting into an early rhythm, but they have to keep up with their game plan of continuing using the no-huddle offense. This will enable quicker snaps and give the crowd less time to make noise.

This week will be the first road game for the Packers this season and this team is experienced enough to not let road games bother them, but the crowd can still have an effect on the game. The Packers need to stay disciplined and focused on completely drives early in the game and not have them stall out.


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