Kyle Williams Versus Alex Mack Position Battle #2: Week 3 Edition

By Scott DelleFave
Williams, Kyle 1
Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

The Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams (pictured above sacking Matt Cassel) will be taking on Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack(pictured below).

Kyle Williams has been a creature of havoc up the middle since coming into the league in 2006 out of LSU, that being said Alex Mack has also been an excellent center in every facet of the game from calling out blitzes for various quarterbacks, to either pass or run blocking.

If Alex, can pick up Kyle, it will help open up several holes for rookie standout halfback Trent Richardson and he should have an excellent day against Buffalo’s defense. That being said if Kyle dominates Alex, it will flush out rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden into the big strong arms of either defensive end Mark Anderson or Mario Williams, no matter how you slice it, it’s not good.

I really love these match-ups as they are so physical, not to mention they should get far more credit then they do on television, it’s often always how a wide receiver is going to fare against a corner back, and in some teams it makes sense. I would have done one today if star corner back Joe Haden didn’t get suspended, because I would have loved to know how Stevie Johnson would have done against him.

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Mack, Alex 1

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