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Ranking the NFL’s Quarterbacks 1-32

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With Joe Flacco and the Ravens awaiting the Patriots down in Baltimore this Sunday, the “elite” quarterback debate has dominated the airwaves of Boston sports radio this week. Questions of exactly how good Joe Flacco is have been the center of the discussions.

In the interest of conversation, I’ve decided to join the discussion with a complete list of NFL Quarterback rankings. I’ve ranked all 32 current starters in order of who I’d want to lead my team if I had to win one game, tonight. Please keep in mind that age is not a factor in this list.

32) Brandon Weeden (Browns)

31) Blaine Gabbert (Jaguars)

30) Christian Ponder (Vikings)

29) Russell Wilson (Seahawks)

28) Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins)

27) Jake Locker (Titans)

26) Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bills)

25) Kevin Kolb (Cardinals)

24) Matt Cassel (Chiefs)

23) Mark Sanchez (Jets)

22) Andrew Luck (Colts)

21) Carson Palmer (Raiders)

20) Jay Cutler (Bears)

19) Michael Vick (Eagles)

18) Josh Freeman (Buccaneers)

17) Tony Romo (Cowboys)

16) Sam Bradford (Rams)

15) Robert Griffin III (Redskins)

14) Andy Dalton (Bengals)

13) Cam Newton (Panthers)

12) Matt Schaub (Texans)

11) Matt Stafford (Lions)

10) Alex Smith (49ers)

9) Matt Ryan (Falcons)

8) Joe Flacco (Ravens)

7) Phillip Rivers (Chargers)

6) Drew Brees (Saints)

5) Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers)

4) Peyton Manning (Broncos)

3) Tom Brady (Patriots)

2) Aaron Rodgers (Packers)

1) Eli Manning (Giants)

Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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