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Buffalo Bills 5 key points to ensure a victory over the Cleveland Browns

McKelvin, Leodis 1

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

It seemed like last week, the Buffalo Bills seemed like they had a gameplan and they ran it page by page against the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are five key points the Buffalo Bills will have to do in order to defeat the Cleveland Browns tomorrow.

1. Contain running back Trent Richardson at all costs. He is showing that he’s the real deal as a rookie in the NFL. Trent reminds me of Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith since Trent is 5′ 9″  and 227 lbs. with much more speed than Emmitt.

2. Special Teams must fire on all cylinders like they did last week. While it’d be nice if cornerback Leodis McKelvin(photoed above) returned another one for a touchdown, if he can just merely flip the field and set the Bills up in excellent position, it would put a great deal of pressure off of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

3. The Buffalo Bills defense has to confuse rookie Brandon Weeden by showing him multiple fronts and disguise defensive back coverage in order to possibly create more turnovers.

4. Simply put, the Buffalo Bills have to do exactly what they did last week versus Kansas City and not turn the ball over at all, when a team wins the turnover battle, they are much more likely to win the game.

5. Last and certainly not least, until someone stops the run; keep on pounding the ball with the league leading rusher, C.J. Spiller. C.J. has been beyond explosive, and he has just ran downhill it seems that he has stopped dancing around which is great news for Bills fans.

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