Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford Looks To Have Breakout Game

By Brian Cote
Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

The season may only be two games old, but there are already questions surrounding the early performance of Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford.

Stafford has largely underwhelmed Detroit fans — to say the least — thus far in the 2012 NFL season. Entering Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans, Stafford has thrown two touchdown passes to go with four interceptions.

There have been times where Stafford has looked like he he was just strictly staring down WR Calvin Johnson as opposed to spreading the ball around to all of his offensive weapons like he did in 2011. He has also showed a tendency to have a Brett Favre side in terms of throwing the ball recklessly into coverage to try and make something happen.

In Detroit’s first game against the St. Louis Rams, Stafford took too many chances, which resulted in a closer contest than expected. The Lions were lucky to come out of that game with a victory.

Detroit pretty much reversed its first game strategy in week two against the San Francisco 49ers. The Lions favored a dink-and-dunk short passing attack and did not really even try to take chances deep down the field. That may be a sign of respect toward the 49er defense, but Detroit has been largely unbalanced passing the ball not to mention running the ball as well.

The Lions will get help this week as RB Mikel Leshoure returns and the team will look for him to help open things up in the running game. Detroit does not want to take the Titans lightly and fall to 1-2.

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