NFL Rumors: Is David Wilson Fourth on the New York Giants Depth Chart?

By jason evans
Anthony Gruppuso-US PRESSWIRE

The New York Giants appear to not have very much faith in rookie running back David Wilson. With Ahmad Bradshaw out Thursday night, Andre Brown got the start and dominated. Wilson had one carry for -2 yards and a reception for three yards.

Where does he stand? Well it appears he might be fourth on the depth chart.

In garbage time, with the game completely out of hand in the fourth quarter, it wasn’t Wilson who got the carries. Da’Rel Scott came in and got six carries for a total of nine yards.

While this might be an overreaction, it appears the Giants coaches have lost faith in their first-round pick. With the game out of hand, why give Scott those carries instead of Wilson? Why not give the rookie a bit of confidence and see what he can do?

The one carry he had when he lost two yards, the loss of yardage wasn’t his fault. The linebacker came through the line and made the tackle. That kind of thing happens in football.

Scott isn’t a future starter on this team; Wilson might be. Sure, there are first-round picks who are busts, but you don’t know if they are a bust until they get some playing time.

It could be that Wilson’s fumbling problems are still there and the Giants didn’t want to take a chance on him fumbling late with a big lead. However, if he shows during practice that he can avoid fumbling, hopefully he’ll get some more time next week.

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