Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Fined $10,000 for Throwing Punch

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Howard Smith-US Presswire

The NFL imposed a $10,000 fine on Philadelphia Eagles’ WR DeSean Jackson this week for allegedly throwing a punch in the direction of Baltimore Ravens’ CB Cary Williams during Sunday’s tilt.

I use the word allegedly because I’d like to give Jackson the benefit of the doubt. Especially because I just wrote an article as recently as this week about how Jackson is starting to stray away from his usual antics and worry more about football.

Maybe he was just trying to ‘shoo’ a bee away from Williams. Or maybe he was trying to swipe some dirt off of the CB’s face mask.

Right DeSean? Give me a break here man.

The rift between Jackson and Williams broke out in the second quarter across the field from QB Michael Vick scrambling up the right side for a short gain.

We have all seen plenty of times before when receivers and cornerbacks get into it after they are pushing, shoving and fighting for position play after play, all game long. Tempers are sure to boil over at some point, but with Jackson’s reputation, everybody is quick to chalk it up to him being a ‘hot-head’ or a ‘loose-cannon’.

One of the most vicious attacks I’ve ever witnessed during a WR/CB conflict was in 2010 when Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson unloaded upwards of 4-5 hay-makers to the head of then Tennessee Titans CB Cortland Finnegan, after his helmet had been stripped off.

Even though both of the players were ejected from the game, nobody really criticized Johnson too harshly because of his reputation of being a calm and mild-mannered competitor.

If anything, people sympathized with Johnson because of how Finnegan is notorious for being a ‘dirty’ player and is known to say whatever he can to get into an opponent’s head.

But at this point it is too late for DeSean. He can’t change his reputation.

He can only embrace it and try his hardest to keep his mind on the game, and not do anything that hurts the team. Jackson was lucky that the mix-up drew off-setting penalties, so it did not hurt his team in any way. It just hurt his wallet.

I still look for Jackson to have a huge break-out campaign this year. He just has to keep his head on straight, his eye on the prize, and his fists out of opponent’s grills.

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