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Titans vs. Lions NFL Week 3 Preview

Will Witherspoon vs Chargers


Many people say that the preseason doesn’t matter. After going 3-1 in the preseason, the Tennessee Titans sure have proved that statement true as they have started the 2012 NFL season at 0-2. They certainly don’t want to make it three in a row.

The good thing about week number three for the Titans is that they will return home. When you look at their schedule for the beginning of the year, they have a lot of tough contenders. Starting the season against the New England Patriots was kind of a big deal, and Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers were a bit of a surprise for the Titans last week. But they should finally be able to handle the Detroit Lions, who finished second in the NFC North in 2011.

These past two weeks have been tough for the Lions to gather points, especially in the first three quarters of the game. If there were ever a team to give the Titans time to warm up, it would be the Lions. Matthew Stafford only has 585 yards so far this season, and only two passes turned into touchdowns. He has been picked off four times and sacked three times.

Jake Locker doesn’t have as many yards as Stafford, coming in with only 403 total, but he also does not have has many sacks or interceptions against him. Touchdown passes are a wash.  A lot of the Titans offense is going to start with the big time talker, running back Chris Johnson. Let’s see if this week he can’t back his talk up. Everyone knows that Johnson has got the potential to be a great football player.

He had a terrible season last year though, and to be honest, his numbers so far this season? Not impressive at all. If you consider yourself one of the best with 19 carries for 21 yards, you might want to re-think calling out the rest of the offense when your team is in trouble.

Of course it’s not all Johnson’s fault. Kenny Britt is supposed to be 100 percent healthy, with his return from his suspension last week, fans didn’t see much help from him either. Nate Washington has to become a huge asset to the team. If it wasn’t for Kendall Wright, the Titans wouldn’t have scored touchdown against the Chargers last week.

The Titans have all of these weapons and yet nothing is working. It just does not make sense. There is no excuse for it.

It’s another turn around week for the Titans as they will have to be mindful on defense. Even though Detroit’s offense hasn’t been extremely explosive so far this season, they always have that potential. which means that the defense needs to be on their game. With captain Colin McCarthy still out with an ankle injury, Will Witherspoon and Zach Brown will have to do much of the work at the linebacker positions to make sure stops are made.

Hopefully the Titans offense can get their stuff in line, with a sleeper offense like Detroit’s it should help Tennessee gather some confidence, they can’t afford to go 0-3 to start the season. I haven’t been able to pick the Titans yet this year, however this week, I have a strong feeling they will get their first win of the season.