What Will It Take for David Wilson to Get Out of Tom Coughlin's Doghouse?

By Louis Musto
Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

When David Wilson fumbled in the New York Giants’ season opener, you just knew head coach Tom Coughlin wasn’t going to take it easy on the rookie. But who could’ve expected Wilson would see as few reps as he has seen since then?

If the end of the Giants’ Week 3 victory over the Carolina Panthers was any indication, Wilson may have slid all the way down to fourth on the depth chart, behind Andre Brown and second-year back Da’Rel Scott, after starting the season as the No. 2 ball-carrier behind Ahmad Bradshaw.

Wilson hasn’t been spectacular since his fumble, dropping a few easy passes and doing little of note in the return game, but what will it take to get Coughlin off his back? One can only imagine.

For now, Wilson just has to buckle down and do everything asked of him. He has to show that he is determined to improve every day in practice, and when game time hits, he needs to go full throttle whether it’s on special teams, running the football, in pass protection or catching a pass.

Coughlin likes dependable, versatile players. Rookies don’t generally find much favor from the old head coach, but showing your capable of doing a multitude of things can only benefit you in his eyes.

Wilson has too much talent and too much potential to go by the wayside. Unfortunately for Wilson, opportunities are earned, and after all he did in the offseason, the rookie running back has proved he’s not quite as ready as the coaches originally thought he was to handle the backup job behind Bradshaw.

Getting carries won’t be easy now that Brown has broken onto the scene. The 21-year-old will just have to keep his head up, keep fighting and wait for his opportunity to come—and it will come. Coughlin can be a tough coach to play for, but he’s only seeking to make you the best player you can possibly be.

Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs and Tiki Barber before them all saw their hardships with Coughlin at the helm and now it’s Wilson’s turn. Coughlin and the Giants coaches know Wilson can be a star in the NFL, he just needs to prove he’s ready before they can trust he’s capable of seeing quality time on the gridiron.

Louis Musto is a New York Giants Featured Columnist for RantSports.com. You can follow him on Twitter @LouisMusto.

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