Chicago Bears: First Half Analysis

By silverfox
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The Chicago Bears are holding on to a 10-3 lead against the St. Louis Rams going into the half. I feel like I am watching a Bears game circa 1997 where a couple of field goals and stout defense will put a notch in the win column. That being said, here are a few takeaways from the first half against the Rams:

– When is this offense going to click? I have seen some flashes here in the first half but nothing that is making me jump off my couch. The Bears have such great weapons this year in the skill positions but just can’t seem to take advantage of their situation. I think Mike Tice is calling an alright game but the players just don’t seem to be showing up. Except for…..

Michael Bush. Dude is straight up beast mode-ing this game right now. For as poor as the Bears offensive line has been playing today, Bush has been making it happen. This just goes to show the importance of having depth at the running back position. This is Bush’s first chance to truly shine in a Bears uniform and he is definitely taking advantage of it. If Matt Forte is out long-term, I feel comfortable with having Bush in the backfield.

– Boy was I wrong about Shea McClellin. I thought for sure he would be a situational pass rusher at best but he has been making plays. As a matter of fact, the entire defensive line has been making this a tough day for the Rams. Sam Bradford looks timid and it is obvious he isn’t getting the time he wants in the pocket.

Overall, the Bears are performing adequately. That is not a compliment either. I think the Bears’ coaching staff is expecting more than the offense is putting out. Granted, that was a nice drive to close out the second half. Really ate up some clock and showed that the Bears are capable of sustaining drives. Lets see if they can keep the momentum going in the second half.

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