Washington Redskins’ Defense Missing In Action

By Greg Bradshaw

Washington Redskins’ fans hoped that the Week Three home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals would be the Redskins’ opportunity for the defense to redeem themselves after their Week Two performance in St. Louis. After the first play of the game, it was safe to say that there would be no redemption. When a rookie wide receiver throws a touchdown pass against your defense on the first play from scrimmage, it can be assumed that you’re in for a long day.

Cincinnati rookie wide receiver Mohamed Sanu did just that, throwing a 73 yard touchdown pass to burgeoning star wide receiver A.J. Green. He was about three yards past Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall when he caught the pass. Green didn’t even have to trouble his stride. He finished the game with nine catches for 183 yards and a touchdown to pace the Bengals’ aerial attack.

In the first quarter, Cincinnati wide receiver Armon Binns caught a pass near the left sideline. Washington cornerback Josh Wilson, who was assigned to cover Binns, looked like he was stuck in cement. By the time he realized that Binns was behind him, Wilson made a feeble diving attempt to tackle Binns. After he missed, Wilson was left face planted on the ground as Binns sprinted 48 yards for the touchdown.

The Bengals’ receivers ran through the Redskins’ secondary at will, which was a common theme in this game. In the fourth quarter, another Bengal receiver, this time the diminutive Andrew Hawkins, caught a pass and seemed to progressively get faster as Redskins’ cornerback Richard Crawford chased in vain en route to a 59 yard touchdown. Washington defenders chasing Cincinnati receivers looked like actress Betty White chasing Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt in the hundred yard dash.

On the positive side Washington linebacker Rob Jackson recorded half a sack. He even intercepted a pass by Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton in the end zone for a Redskins’ touchdown. However, those plays were not pivotal moments that stemmed the tide during Cincinnati’s 38-31 victory. Redskins’ fans hope their defense will somehow get the concept of tackling and stopping the opposing offense from scoring in an effort to win games.

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