Matt Schaub's arm leads Houston Texans past Denver Broncos

By Joe Serenka

In week 3 of the NFL season the Houston Texans faced off against the Denver Broncos. The Texans have made a name for themselves as a grind it out running team but showed a different side in this game. True, Arian Foster had over 100 yards rushing but it was big plays in the passing game that propelled the Texans to victories.

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub had a electric day against the Broncos secondary. he finished  the day 17 for 30 passing for 290 yards with 4 touchdowns and 1 interception. This performance was capped by two long touchdowns to two different receivers. First, Schaub connected with Andre Johnson on a sixty yard strike. He followed this up in the second quarter with a 52 yard pass to Kevin Walter. These long passes are atypical for a Texans offense that is built to sustain long drives to reach the endzone.

The game against the Broncos shows that the Texans are a truly dangerous team. The offense has showed that they can beat you in a variety of ways and can adjust to what the defense is trying to accomplish. In week two against the Jacksonville Jaguars the Texans pounded the run to dominate time of possession and the game.

Not only did Schaub flash his arm by throwing 4 touchdowns he showed his confidence in the entire offense by throwing each one to a different player. Schaub was able to utilize all the skill positions in the passing game. In fact he hit a running back, a tight end and two different receivers for touchdowns. If Schaub can throw the ball this well each week it will be very difficult for team to stop the Texans offense. If they are forced to defend the pass the ground attack will shred opposing defenses.

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