NFL Rumors: Atlanta Falcons Have a Use For Tim Tebow?

By Michael Collins

So far this season, the Atlanta Falcons have shown that they can utilize a lot of different offensive weapons. Roddy White, Julio Jones, Jacquizz Rodgers, Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Turner all have been involved in scoring for the Falcons in just three games. So could Atlanta have a use for Tim Tebow?

This may shock some of you, but I say…why not?

With all sorts of trade rumors flying around about Tebow, and nobody really looking like a frontrunner, maybe the Falcons should throw their hat in the ring and shoot for a little Tebow-magic in the Georgia Dome.

No, Tim Tebow is not going to walk in the door and supplant any of the Falcons three quarterbacks, as even rookie third-string QB Dominique Davis is infinitely better than Tebow behind center. But that doesn’t mean Tebow wouldn’t be a useful part of Atlanta’s offense.

So where (I know you are asking as you facepalm) could Tebow possibly be used in Atlanta?

I say give him a shot at fullback. Atlanta let Pro Bowl fullback Ovie Mughelli walk this season to save some salary cap space. The after-Mughelli plan was to draft a blocking/pass-catching fullback, which they did in the fifth round of the 2012 NFL draft when they took Bradie Ewing out of Wisconsin.

The Ewing plan was short-lived, as he was lost for the season in the first exhibition game of the year against the Baltimore Ravens with a knee injury. Enter plan B – Who’s available in free agency? The Falcons then picked up Lousaka Polite in hopes that he could fill the void. Honestly, Polite hasn’t been bad, but he’s not turning any heads either. The Falcons are still struggling with the run game, especially trying to go between the tackles, where a bruising fullback can come in handy.

Sitting (and not being properly used) with the New York Jets, you have a guy in Tim Tebow, 6’3, 235 pounds, who can run the ball, pass the ball, and is one of the strongest players in the NFL. Can you see where this is going?

Picture, if you will, Tim Tebow running in front of Michael Turner and using his incredible strength and resolve to open Mack truck sized holes for Turner to go through. Or, perhaps you prefer the idea of the Falcons employing a variant of the Wildcat set, with both Tebow and Rodgers in the backfield. Remember the Falcons troubles on you-name-the-down and short yardage? I’m thinking Tebow gets a lot more than the few inches that were needed on fourth down against the New Orleans Saints last season.

Oh, and let’s not forget, Tebow is a quarterback (albeit not a great one) but it’s something that the opposition always has to be aware of if he’s in the game. It gives you new wrinkles for halfback options, and flea-flickers.

Want to talk about the ultimate positive force in a locker room? Yeah, Tebow’s your man. He’s exactly the kind of good citizen and community pilar that the Falcons love to have around. Arthur Blank could do no harm to his or the team’s image by bringing in Tebow.

The bottom line is, as maligned as Tebow is, he brings a unique skill set to any team he’s playing for. The Denver Broncos knew how to employ that skill set last year, the Jets apparently do not. The Falcons probably wouldn’t have to give up a lot to get him, and it might be worth the gamble.


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