NFL Rumors: Is Michael Vick in Danger of Losing His Starting Job?



There are already NFL rumors swirling around Michael Vick after his Week 3 performance against the Arizona Cardinals.  Vick this season has thrown 6 INTs compared to only 3 TDs, has been sacked nine times, and fumbled twice in the loss to the Cardinals.

Andy Reid is already getting asked about the job status of his starting quarterback and has said Michael Vick is his starting quarterback for now but the situation will be reevaluated each week.

That doesn’t sound good for Vick.  Right now the Philadelphia Eagles are like a canoe without paddles.  They have committed 12 turnovers through three games, the most by an Eagles team since 1977.  While the team currently sits at 2-1, it could very easily be 0-3.

There should be no question that Vick is the Eagles starting quarterback.  He gives the Eagles their best chance to win.  However, something clearly isn’t working but the problem might reside more with the Eagles offensive line than with the quarterback.

The Cardinals sacked Vick five times and Vick clearly never looked comfortable in the pocket and he got beat up.  So far this season, Vick has been sacked nine times, good for sixth worst in the NFL and only three off the bottom of the heap.

It is evident that Vick has not had a chance to get settled in the pocket and he is making mistakes.  Not having Jason Peters at left tackle is obviously a concern and the Eagles will need Demetress Bell and center Dallas Reynolds to improve their game, especially with the New York Giants on the schedule next.

Right now it would be foolish to bench Vick in favor of Nick Foles who is only a rookie and is not nearly as mobile as Vick.  The Eagles need to stick with Vick and hope their patched together offensive line can keep the pressure off of him long enough for him to find an open receiver.

Right now there isn’t much of a controversy but that could change by the end of next week.

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