No Such Thing as a "Sure Thing": Tennessee Titans were lucky to win sloppy game in week 3

By Stephanie Umek
Rob Bironas against Lions


It wasn’t a matter of who was the better team on Sunday in Nashville. There were many games that ended in nail biting situations, but the Tennessee Titans were able to finally prevail over the Detroit Lions in overtime winning 43-41.

That’s great that the team was able to win, even in such a heart-attack kind of way. The more impressive thing to me like in any game, is what team is able to continue to push throughout the game to get it down to that final second. I can tell you one thing, at the two minute warning of the fourth quarter, the Titans thought a tally in the win column was in store for them no problem.

Even professional athletes are thinking this, though you are taught at a very young age that there is no such thing as a sure thing, especially in sports. You can see that the last two minutes in a football game is still a heck of a lot of time. And a back-up quarterback can make all the difference. You cannot let up, just as the Titans did.

Take for instance the Baltimore Orioles. They win more extra-inning games than I have ever seen in baseball, consistently. It takes a lot for a team-no matter the sport-to continue to play at their best even when time runs over.

The Titans were able to channel their drive close enough to get the field goal in overtime. Mike Munchak said in a post-game interview that they thought about going for the touchdown verses the field goal. The Titans returned three punts for touchdowns and all five touchdown drives were more than 60 yard drives; an NFL record.

If you were the coach that would have to be a thought in your mind. Considering that you have one of the best kickers in the league, in fact earlier in the game, he tied a franchise record with making 20 straight field goals. And then he missed two more opportunities right after that. Which by the way, would have made it a much cleaner win for Tennessee.

For the past two weeks, the Lions have started out slow, they have scored more points in the second half in all three weeks. Tennessee should have known that, and not let up in the fourth quarter.

It’s a relief that the Titans finally won a game, but they can’t be too happy with the way that it came about. They need to focus on moving on, they are playing the Houston Texans in week four, a teams that absolutely rules the AFC South. They were the issue last year, and it’s not going to change.

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