Pittsburgh Steelers Linebacker Larry Foote Told Replacement Referees To Kill Themselves

By Riley Schmitt

In the world of replacement ref hating, Larry Foote might take the cake. The linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers had some choice words for the refs after their loss on Sunday. Of course, these words were not exactly constructive criticism.

Larry Foote was the first Steeler to exit the field. I was set up nearby for our postgame show, and heard someone scream, “You should go kill yourselves. Y’all (bleep)ing suck!”

I leaned around the corner and saw Foote enter the Steelers room, while several officials, entering their room, craned their neck to see who it was that had yelled at them.

Foote had already left the room by the time media was allowed in so we were unable to ask him about it.

Well, I think that might end up drawing a fine or two. The league has been stressing that the refs need to be treated with respect. I do not think telling the refs to go kill themselves is going to work well for Foote. I would expect him to receive a fine from the league for this outburst.

The replacement refs are trying their best, but they simply can not compete with the speed of the game. The only way for this to get fixed is for people to stop watching. If the fans vanish, the league will decide the real refs need to come back. If they don’t, the league will simply keep this up. Yelling at these poor guys won’t change a thing.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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