Warren Sapp Wants To Fight Brandon Marshall?

By Paul Bentley
Mark L. Baer – US Presswire

Brandon Marshall and Warren Sapp apparently have some beef going on, as the Chicago Bears‘ wide receiver recently tweeted some light on the situation.

Does Marshall mean what he said by “emailed me?”

Warren Sapp really went to a Yahoo, G-Mail, or AOL account and emailed a fight invitation to Marshall?  It makes sense seeing that the Bears’ wideout doesn’t “follow” Sapp on Twitter, inhibiting Warren from “direct-messaging” Mr. Marshall.

Chances are we will not see this fight, just like we may not see Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight.  However, I would pay some cold hard cash to see this go down.

In the red corner is the 6’5, 230-pound wide receiver who plays for Chi-Town, Brandon Marshall!

His opponent, at 6’2 and 330 pounds, hailing from Orlando, Florida, the “QB Killa,” Warren Sapp!

This would definitely be a heavyweight fight for the ages.  The speed and technique advantage undoubtedly  goes to Marshall.  However, I think it’s safe to say that the power edge goes to Mr. Sapp.

Sapp should probably get his game tight and refrain from these type of behaviors.  The seven-time Pro Bowler recently had to file for bankruptcy and has also faced “domestic battery” charges in the recent past.  Sapp needs to clean his up act and let Marshall worry about his own problems over there in Chicago.


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