Aaron Rodgers Excused for Actions, but Jay Cutler Vilified?

By Michael Collins

Don’t let the title of this column fool you. I’m not a Jay Cutler fan by any stretch. His behavior is generally boorish and even childish at times. He walks around with either a smug little smirk on his puss, or the poutiest expression you’ve ever seen. So, in general, I think the chilly reception that he gets from fans and other players in the league is warranted.

But that doesn’t excuse Aaron Rodgers.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then welcome back from the monastery.

Last night, after the most controversial game-ending play in recent memory, the Green Bay Packers got shafted. No other way to put it.

The replacement referees working the game called a last second heave from the arm of Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, into the waiting arms of four different Packers and the left hand of Seahawks receiver Golden Tate a touchdown.

The referees got the call wrong. And on top of that, they missed a blatant penalty – Tate shoving a Packers DB in the back with both hands –  that would have negated even having to make the “touchdown” call for Seattle.

After the smoke had cleared, in the heat of the moment, and in obvious frustration, Aaron Rodgers physically shoved away a cameraman while he was making his way into the tunnel. We aren’t talking about some obnoxious paparazzi that was in Rodgers’ face and hounding him. This was a network cameraman who was simply walking alongside Rodgers at a very reasonable distance, doing his job.

They key words above: “physically shoved” and “doing his job”

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the fine? Where’s the talk of suspension?

I’ve said for a long time that I think Aaron Rodgers is every bit as selfish and juvenile as Jay Cutler, the only difference being that Rodgers has had success on the field, and has a catchy touchdown celebration (State Farm agents of the world, rejoice).

Jay Cutler gets absolutely (and rightfully) demonized for pushing one of his offensive linemen on the field after he ended up on his backside staring up at the Wisconsin sky for the umpteenth time in a game, but Rodgers doesn’t even get more than a “well it’s understandable, he’s upset” for shoving a bystander who is doing nothing wrong?

Where are you NFL Monday Night Countdown crew?…I need a big ol’ “C’MON MAN!!”

Rodgers’ actions were every bit as reprehensible has Cutler’s, but because he and the Packers just got jobbed by some Division-III referees that had no business being out on the field in the first place, he gets a pass.

No pun intended.

If you are going to hate, then learn to hate properly. Pass that big cooler of Haterade around for everyone to share, and dip your cups in equally for those who act outside the bounds of good sportsmanship. Rodgers deserves just as much grief for what he did as Cutler got for his actions.

Perhaps it’s time some folks did a “Despise Double-Check”

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