Can Detroit Lions Get Season Back on Track?

By Brian Cote

The Detroit Lions did not just lose a wild, and tough game on Sunday to the Tennessee Titans. They may have also lost their confidence as the team fell under .500 to 1-2 on the season.

Of course the Lions and head coach, Jim Schwartz, would never tell anybody this, or even admit to it. Admitting defeat is just something that a football coach would not do, let alone an NFL coach.

It was obvious though on Sunday that the Lions lost a little of their “Swagger” and some of the edge that the team so proudly has shown ever since Schwartz took over coaching duties in 2009.

Some people may disagree with me and point to the fact that Detroit battled back from double digit deficits on multiple occasions only to fall short in overtime. That sounds all fine and dandy, but the truth is that the Lions lost focus and let the Titans score almost at will with huge plays that are completely unacceptable if a team wants to win consistently.

The Titans had five, yes five plays over 60 yards or more for touchdowns that spanned offense, defense and special teams play. You would think that would be a stat line or box score from a Madden video game, but it was in fact reality for Detroit in week three.

By the end of the game, it was a nightmare for the Lions; who now look to their week four matchup against the Minnesota Vikings to try to redeem themselves. If they fall short again, this could be the start of a long and all to familiar disappointing season for Detroit and their fans.

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